Why You Should Sell Your House to a Local Home Buyer

WE BUY HOUSES FOR CASH! Yes, that’s right, we all buy houses. You see the signs all over Baltimore, Annapolis, Essex and Rosedale. “We Buy Houses Fast” or “Sell Your House in 30 Days”. Some are legitimate for sure, but some are not. And I can assure you of one thing: you will NEVER see one of those signs with my name or number on it. It’s low class, doesn’t convey trustworthiness and it’s just not my style. Furthermore, I am willing to bet many of those guys – even with local phone numbers – aren’t local at all.

Well, I am local. And I am not in the business of low-balling or wasting anyone’s time.

I jumped into real estate investing in 2016 for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s profitable. Let’s be honest, investors are in the business of making money. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s what makes this country great. We have the ability to manufacture our own success and there is nothing stopping us other than our perceived limitations. I am no different from any business person in that respect.

But I also made a commitment to invest in Maryland because it’s my home. I am born and raised in Baltimore (Mt. Washington area), and have lived in Montgomery County since 2001. Both of my parents – an attorney and a caterer – still run their business in Maryland as well. My father has practiced law in Maryland for more than 50 years! Most importantly, my daughter has grown up in Maryland.

I once even did a five year stint at The Rouse Company in Columbia, best known for building Columbia, Maryland plus Harborplace, Faneuil Hall, South Street Seaport and several other notable properties. Columbia has been the prototype for master planned communities across the United States, since the 1960s. My parents even bought their first house in Mt. Washington with money they made investing in the company’s stock. I was there when the company was sold in 2004 and it was sad to see a Maryland institution, since 1956, getting sold off to a Chicago based company. We still have a reunion every year, on the anniversary of the Rouse Company sale, at a restaurant in Ellicott City.

I know Baltimore and I know Maryland. I want to do business with Maryland homeowners. There’s a lot of out of state, and even foreign, investors looking to buy your house for pennies on the dollar. Why? Because they think they can come to Frederick or Glen Burnie or Pikesville or Dundalk and take advantage of your situation. I don’t operate like that and I also know you are far too savvy to fall for fast talking investors.

That said, my process for making offers is in the How it Works section of my web site, in plain English and with no hidden tricks. I defy you to find another investor in the Baltimore-Washington area who is walking you step by step through the cash offer process right from the start. I don’t make offers with emotion (yours or mine), I make cash offers based strictly on real numbers.

I have said this many times: I don’t just buy houses, I solve problems – inherited homes, relocation, tax liens, divorce, tired landlords, expensive repairs, retirement – there’s a laundry list of reasons that someone may need to sell their home in Maryland quickly and without a realtor.

I have a track record of helping homeowners (for example, take a look at this clip from WBBF-TV from 2014) and I will continue to offer the same assistance and value that I have for more than a decade.

If you still have questions about me or my business, please take a moment to peruse the Brad Buys Houses website or find me on Facebook. You will see that I am not an anonymous “We Buy Houses” guy, with a sign on the corner of North Avenue and St. Paul Street. I’m a real investor, I’m local and I want to solve problems for Maryland homeowners.


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